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Women Carried Over-The-Shoulder in
Television and Movies

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures were taken from Wayne's website.

Unless noted, titles are from      USA
Actress Genre TV - Episode Title | Movie - Year Description
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1st & Ten
?? & ??
TV (HBO)  

(?) Double reverse of two cheerleaders
9 1/2 Ninjas! Andee Gray (x2) Movie   1991 Awake, bound, smiling  
10th Kingdom, The Kimberly Williams Movie 2000 - Disc 1 skirt, blue stkngs, drugged, two scenes
11 Harrowhouse Candace Bergen Movie 1974 Brief, wrapped in blanket
24 Elisha Cuthbert TV Season 1; 4:00am-5:00am Night dark silhouette NWI
54 Laura Catalano Movie 1998 dress at night
77 Sunset Strip Ann Duncan TV "The Silent Caper" (1960) KO (needle), tight dress, leggy, night, several angles, lengthy
1941      UK Dianne Kaye Film 1979
1984      UK Suzanna Hamilton Film 1984 Nude
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A-Team, The Valerie Wildman TV   "Alive at Five"
(1987 - #5.7)

Closeup - daylight - by "fireman"
Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy ?? Movie   1955 (B&W) Far away, bad angles  
Absence Margaret Laney Movie 2006 KO, night, multi-angles
Acapulco H.E.A.T. Christa Sauls TV   "Codename: Juice"
(1999- #2.22)

KO f/f cutoffs outside
Acapulco H.E.A.T
?? TV ?? (?) ?? (2 more carries beside C. Sauls)
Accidental Husband, The
Uma Thurman? (Prob. body double) Movie 2008 (?) Drunk, night, covered by coat, several angles
Acorralada      Mexico Alejandra Lazcano TV
Telenovela #64 KO, jeans, several angles, good length
Adderly      Canada Cynthia Belliveau TV Headhunter Black slacks (jump suit)
Adventures of Sinbad, The Jacqueline Collen TV   "The Ties That Bind"
(1996 - #1.8)

daylight - tiedup - skirt
Adventures of Superman, The Gloria Saunders TV Riddle of the Chinese Jade Chinese style silk dress
Agency, The Irene Bedard TV The Year of Living Dangerously (2001) KO, skirt, night, multi-angles
Agent Aika      Animated Aika

Agent Aika      Animated Black Delmo Leader
Aliens From Outer Space ??
TV ?? (?)
All Through the Night Kaaren Verne
Movie 1941 KO (punch), suit with skirt
All Tied Up Teri Hatcher Movie 1993 wrapped in sheet
Alladin      Animated Jasmine ?? & ??

twice in series
Ally Mcbeal ??
TV ?? (?) awake
American Ninja V Anne Dupont Movie   1993 KO, short skirt 
American Pie: Band Camp
Arielle Kebbel
shorts, lift & spin, quick
American Yakuza
Cristina Lawson (Asian-American)
Awake, business suit/skirt, brief, shooting a pistol
Any Given Sunday ?? Movie 1999 quick
Andromeda ?? TV ~ early in series;!!! Blonde, bad angle, poor form
Apache Jean Peters Movie 1954 Indian Squaw Dress
Appaloosa Renee Zellweger Movie 2008 Awake, 1882 underwear, distant from camera
Arachnia Alexxus Young Movie 2003(R) unconscious, jeans, dark
Are You Afraid of the Dark? Polly Shannon TV Tale of the Pinball Wizard Blue Dress, obscured, NWI
Are You Being Served      UK Mollie Sugden TV The Fire Drill OTS by Mr Lucas
Are You Being Served      UK Wendy Richard TV The Robbery OTS by Robber
Are You Being Served      UK Wendy Richard TV The Fire Drill Shop assistant uniform
Are You Being Served      UK ?? TV by Captain Peacock Belly Dancer
Armour of God
(aka Long xiong hu di)       Hong Kong
?? Movie    1987 Unconscious
Arrested Development Julia Louis-Dreyfus TV Justice is Blind" - S.1 Ep. #18 (2004) Drunk, skirt, night, several angles
Arsenic and Old Lace Priscilla Lane Movie   1944
Artzin in Angst      Germany Leslie Malton MFTV   1995
KO, print dress, dark
As the World Turns Spencer Grammer TV Soap opera - Luke's Story - Part 135 (2006) Drugged, tight slacks, excellent form, good length
Author Author Tuesday Weld Movie
?? (?) awake
Automatic Daphne Ashbrook Movie   1994
Avengers, The      UK Tara King TV The Rotters KO, lift in dress
Avengers, The      UK Diana Rigg TV

KO, lift and carry - Listing Uncertain
Avengers, The      UK Linda Thorson TV ?? KO
Avengers, The      UK Linda Thorson TV "Whoever Shot Poor George?" (1968 - #7.6) KO, slacks, several angles
Avenging Fist, The
(aka Kuen Sun)      Hong Kong
?? Movie 2001 Unconscious
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Bachelor Party Tawny Kitaen Movie
1984 (?) awake
Bandolero Raquel Welch Movie
1968 Mexican riding pants, awake, screaming
Bang Bang      Brazil Fernanda Lima TV
Telenovela, 2005-2006 KO, long dress, lengthy, multiple angles
Bank, The Edna Purviance Movie   1915
Long Skirt
Banlieue 13 (District B13)      France Dany Verissimo Movie 2004 KO, mini-skirt, several angles
Barbara Mandrell Show, The Barbara Mandrell TV Variety Series Season 1 Ankle-length dress, K & S
Barbarian Queen (multiple) (multiple) Movie   1985 Slave girls. 2 regular, 1 double OTS 
Barefoot in the Park Bess Armstrong
Awake, stiff, slacks
Barnaby Jones Stefanie Powers TV
Echo of a Murder (1973)
KO, lift, pantsuit, daylight
Base, The Paula Trickey Movie   1999 (straight to video)
Poorly lit, dark suit, length, multiangles
Based on an Untrue Story Morgan Fairchild MFTV 1997 Blue Slip, to camera
Bastard       Animated A princess

is on First Volume of the series.
Batman Shirley Patterson Movie serial 1943 Fainted, dress, dark
Batman Myrna Fahey TV Time for Bed Gassed, lift, obscured by Robin
Batman Jill St. John
(?) KO
Batman : The Animated Series      Animated Female Martial Arts Student
~Day of the Samurai

*batteries not included Jessica Tandy Movie 1987 In nightgown, being rescued from a burning building
Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones, The      UK Judy Buxton ^ Movie 1976 Awake, 18th Century dress, brief
Baywatch Nights Angie Harmon TV   !!!(x2)
Jeans at night, good angle
?? Movie?
?? (?) Girl on beach, in swimsuit - (set4-#001?)
Beauty and the Beast Linda Hamilton TV ?? (?) KO
Behind the Green Door Marilyn Chambers Movie 1972 Awake, night, struggling (Not really mainstream but tame by today's standards - saw a blurb on TV)
Bend it Like Beckham Parminder Nagra Movie 2002 Soccer/footbal outfit, obscured
Beulah Land AA ?? (uncredited) TV (mini-series) 1980 K&S, long skirt, brief
Beautiful Girl Hunter, The      Japan Makiko Kuno^ Movie (V) 1994^ KO, night, lengthy
Better Off Dead      UK Diane Franklin Film

Beverly Hills: 90210 Shannen Doherty TV Spring Dance Prom dress, good angles, protests
Beverly Hills Family Robinson Dyan Cannon MFTV 1998 lift - Shorts - protesting - day
Big Bird Cage, The ?? Movie   1972
Red silk pantsuit
Big Bully ?? Movie
?? (?) awake
Big Dreams and Broken Hearts: The Dotty West Story Michele Lee MFTV 1995 Awake, jeans, laughing (over 50 but not bad)
Big Hit, The China Chow Movie   1998
School-girl outfit, good angle
Big Man on Campus Melora Hardin Movie 1989 towards end of movie, nightie
Big Trouble in Little China Kim Cattrall Movie 1986 tight jeans closeup K&S
Bigfoot Joi Lansing Movie 1970 ??
Bikini Hotel Tina-Desiree Berg Movie 1997 awake and kicking, teddy
Bikini Roundup Nicole Sheriden MFTV 2005 Awake, black pants, to bed
Bionic Woman, The Lindsay Wagner TV   "Rodeo"
(1977 - #3.5)

Jeans, daylight, good angle
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Sarah Trigger
Annette Azcuy
Movie 1991 dress, good angle (dbl-ots)
black pants, good angle (dbl-ots)
Bis zum Horizont und weiterm      Germany Corinna Harfouch Movie   1999
B & G, awake, suit-skirt, brief, poor form
BJ and the Bear Candi Baugh
TV ?? (?) KO
Black Cat, The Anne Gwynne Movie   1941
Black Mask Karen Mok
Francoise Yip
Movie   1996
(3 scenes) Black leather and Dress
Black Samurai Essie Lin Chia Movie 1977 print bikini, obscured: robe
Black Sheep Special Daisy Fuentes
?? (?) awake
Black Swan, The Maureen O'Hara
Movie 1942 White dress
Black Swan, The Helene Costello, Bryn Davis
Movie 1942 Multiple scenes, bound and gagged, long dresses
Blackheart Maria Conchita Alonso Movie 1998 Jeans, KO, night, poor light
Blood Diner Lisa Elaina
as Lisa Guggenheim
Movie   1987
Pajamas, multiple scenes
Blood Frenzy Lisa Savage Movie   1987
KO shorts outside - closeup inside
Blood Harvest Itonia Salchek Movie 1987 (aca Cari Salochek)
Blood of  Dracula's Castle Vicki Volante Movie 1969 dress, K&S, long carry
Bloodrayne Kristanna Loken (x2) Movie 2005 1st OTS okay, 2nd obscured
Blow Penelope Cruze Movie 2001 short, shot glimpse, panties - outside
Blue Crush Kate Bosworth Movie   2002
Bikini, good angles, quick, chop edit
Blue Eyes
Sally Struthers
?? (?)
Blue Paradise
Adam and Eve
Andrea Goldman Movie   1983 Two short scenes 
Body of Proof Jessica Conlan TV   "Point of Origin" (#2.5) 2011 Semi-conscious, jeans, side and front views
Bodyguard, The Jennifer Aniston Movie 2010 (R) Awake, K & S, tight miniskirt
Bog Creatures, The ?? Movie 2003 (R) Unconscious
?? (?)
Bonanza Stefanie Powers TV Calamity over the Comstock Limp, stairs, good: angles, light, length
Bonanza Linda Bennett TV Lothario Larkin Conscious, long Western dress, good light
Bosom Buddies Penny Marshall TV   "Cablevision" (1982 - #2.11)
Jeans, tied-up, quick, poor form
Bound Jennifer Tilly Movie   1996
Skirt, bound, length, multiangles
Bounty Hunter, The Jennifer Aniston Movie 2010 Awake, K & S, tight miniskirt
Boy, Did I get The Wrong Number Elke Sommer Movie 1966 Mens shirt and Panties
Boy Meets World Danielle Fishel TV !!! gray dress
Boy on a Dolphin Sophia Loren Movie 1957 Peasant Dress
Bracken's World Linda Harrison TV Meanwhile Back at the Studio (1970) Native American dress, B & G, poor form, awake
Breakfast At Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn Movie 1961 coat covers, leg showing
Breath of Scandal, A Sophia Loren Movie 1960 Long skirt, night
Bride Came C.O.D., The Bette Davis Movie (B&W) 1941 Awake, K & S, lift, nightgown, several angles
Bride of Frankenstein Valerie Hobson Movie 1935 Dressing Gown
Bringing Out the Dead Patricia Arquette Movie 1999 Skirt
Brisco County Jr. Kelly Rutherford TV Deep in the Heart of Dixie protesting - poor light - black dress
Broadcast News Holly Hunter
?? (?) awake
Buddy Faro (NS) ?? TV (aired in promo only) tight jeans good angle too quick
Buffy The Vampire Slayer ??
Allyson Hannigan
TV Beer Bad Blue jeans, wide shot(s) good form
side view, in dress, closeup
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar TV   "Flooded"
(2001 - #6.4)

Skirt, lift to hold, perfect angle
Burn Notice Gabrielle Anwar TV Identity (S01E02-2007) Awake, jeans, brief angle
Bus Stop Marylin Monroe Movie
?? (?) Awake
Bus Stop
Margot Kidder
1990s (?) Awake
Buster Keaton Story, The ?? Movie ?? (?) ??
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C.O.P.S.      Animated Female Cop
black haired lady
C.O.P.S.      Animated newswoman

Caminhos do Coracao      Brazil Rafaela Mandelli TV Telenovela Ep. #1.74 (?) -2007 KO (gas), genes, B & G, multiple angles
Candy Ewa Aulin Movie 1968 Super short dress
Cannon Joella Deffenbaugh TV A Touch of Venom (1971) KO, pantsuit, partly obscured
Captain Planet      Animated Linka & Gi

both girls being on one shoulder of Captain Planet
Caroline in the City Lea Thompson TV   !!!
Stairs-to-carry, length, jeans, angle
Carmen Jones Dorothy Dandridge (AA) Movie 1954 red dress, tied up
Carousel Barbara Ruick Movie 1956 Dress
Angela Bettis
dress, stockings
Casper Christina Ricci Movie   1995
Castle Freak Barbara Crampton Movie   1995
Bra and Jeans
Catch As Catch Can      Italy Gila Golan Movie 1967 From a swimming pool
Cell, The Jennifer Lopez Movie 2000 - DVD extra Weak angles fireman's carry, f/f
Champion      India Manisha Koirala Movie   2000
Awake, mini-skirt, day, great angles
Chaos Maya Barovich Movie 2005 Outside, tied up, 2 scenes; not to be confused with many movies with same name.
Charge at Feather River, The Joan Marshall Movie 1953 Awake, gagged, kicking, dark
Charlie's Angels Danuta Wesley TV Marathon Angels Day, screaming, track shorts
Chasing Papi Sofia Vergara Movie 2003 Super mini-skirt, side view, smiling, slightly distant
Cheers Shelley Long TV   "Truce and Consequences"
(1982 - #1.8)

Skirts, stockings
Cheers Kirstie Alley TV !!! (Series Finale)
Kirstie Alley
TV The Visiting Lecher (1982) Dress, good lighting, awake
China Beach
Dana Delany
TV The Always Goodbye (1991) Dark, tight party dress, drunk
Sarah Lancaster
TV Chuck vs. the Alma Mater (2007) Awake, lift and twirl, brief, slacks
Yvonne Strahovski
TV "Chuck Versus the Mask", S. 3, Ep. 7, (2010) KO, black slacks, brief
Chupacabra Terror Chelan Simmons MFTV   2005 (Sci-Fi channel original)

Bad angle, girl is hot though
Clockwork Orange, A Adrienne Corri Movie   1971
Bad angles
Closer, The
Kyra Sedgwick
TV "Time Bomb,"/S04, Ep 10 (2008) Awake, skirt, two carries (first better)
Cobra 11 (Polizeiruff 110)      Germany Tessa Mittlestaedt TV Feueralarm KO (blow), uniform/pants, brief
Committed (NS) Jennifer Finnigan TV The Perfect Person - Pt. 2 (2005) Awake, jeans, inside
Coach Shelly Fabares TV Diamonds are a Dentist's Best Friend Robed
Coach ?? TV ?? (?) A second carry besides Shelly Fabares
Concierge, The ?? Movie ?? (?) ??
Conspiracy Theory Julia Roberts Movie 1997 Dark, obscured, quick
Constantine and the Cross ?? Uncredited multiples Movie 1962 Ancient Roman dress - all struggling
Contra Viento y Marea      Mexico Marlene Favela TV No tiene (2005) Awake, B & G, jeans, resisting, day
Cougar Town Courtney Cox Arquette TV Season 1 (2009-2010) - Episode 2 - "Into the Great Wide Open" Still shot, drunk, party dress
Cougar Town Courtney Cox Arquette TV Season 1 (2009-2010) - Ep. 12 - "Scare Easy" (2) Awake, willing, tight slacks, good views
Cougar Town Courtney Cox Arquette TV Season 1 (2009-2010) - Ep. 23 - "Letting You Go" Awake, night, slacks, front view only, brief
Courting Alex Jenna Elfman TV Birthday (S01x06) Skirt, with lift, good angle
Crack In The Floor ?? Movie 2000
Creatures the World Forgot ?? & ??
Marcia Fox
Movie   1971 Several scenes good angles, outfit, poor light 
Criminal Minds Lily Kershaw TV To Hell...And Back (2009 - S. 4, Ep. 25) Awake, K & S, skirt, night
Crossing Jordon Jill Hennessy TV It Happened One Night
Cry in the Night, A Natalie Wood Movie 1956 Quick, but worth it
Cyborg Deborah Richter Movie   1989
Tight suit good angle length?
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Danger Zone ??
?? (?) awake
Dallas Deborah Rennard
TV   !!!
Skirt, good angle, KO (drugged)
Dallas Susan Howard
TV   !!! Long skirt, awake, spanked
Danger Man (aka Secret Agent)      UK Dawn Addams TV "The Battle of the Cameras" (1964) - S01-8 KO (drugged), evening gown, several angles
Dark Breed Donna W. Scott Movie 1996 (R) KO, dark, tight astronaut uniform
Dark Justice Monica Pont TV   "Diplomatic Immunity"
(1991 - #1.19)

Sexy outfit, good angles, KO, lengthy, "totally hot woman"
Darkwing Duck      Animated Morganna

Davon stirbt man nicht      Germany ?? Movie   2002
Print skirt, handcuffed
Dawson's Creek Katie Holmes TV Future Tense (2000 - #4.4) jeans, bad angles
Dawson's Creek Michelle Williams TV Use Your Delusion (S05.5 - 2001) Awake, protesting, jeans, winter jacket, brief
Dawson's Creek Michelle Williams TV The Reluctant Hero (S02.8 - 1998) Slacks, night, drunk, protesting
Dawson's Creek Michelle Williams TV All Good Things(2003 - #6.23) Peddlepushers, lift, awake
Dawson's Creek Michelle Williams TV ? Black pants, seen through window
Dead Beat Natasha Wagner Movie 1994 ??
Dead Doll ?? Movie   2004 Underwear 
Dead Zone Lita Tresierra TV Drift (2007) Jeans, poor light, B & G, struggling
Death Kiss      Greece
Dorothy Moore
Movie 1974 KO, dress, night, poor form
Death Ride to Osaka Jennifer Lason Leigh
Movie 1983 KO, night, rear view
Death to the Supermodels Sung Hi-Lee Movie 2005 Bikini and boots
Deathstalker (multiple ~6,7) (multiple) Movie   1983 Cavewomen 
Deerhunter, The ?? Movie ?? (?) ??
Demon, The ?? Movie ?? (?) ??
Desire Michelle Belegrin TV (mini-series) Rich Man, Dead Man (#1.76 - 2006) KO, skirt, B & G, good length
Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria TV Gossip (2007) Tight blue dress, daylight, protesting
Destroyer Deborah Foreman Movie
?? (?) KO
Detour (aka Hell's Highway) Ashley Elizabeth Movie 2003 Last 10 min., good angles
Devil-Ship Pirates, The      UK Suzan Farmer Movie 1964 K.O., long skirt, lengthy, several angles.
Devil's Prey Jennifer Lyons Movie   2001
Dress, lift, leggy
Diabolical Dr. Z      Spain Estella Blain Movie 1966 Fishnet bodysuit
Diamond Skulls
?? Movie
?? (?) ??
Die Neue - Eine Frau mit Kaliber
Doris Schretzmayer TV Nur der Tod ist umsonst (1999) KO (punch), outside, pants and jacket
Die Watching Erika Nann Movie 1993 Brief, carried to van
Dinosaur Valley Girls ?? & ?? & ?? Movie   1996 Cavewomen, 2 scenes 
Movie ?? (?) ??
Diving In Kristy Swanson Movie 1990 Drunk - tight black pants
Do You Want to Know a Secret Dorie Barton Movie   2001
Shorts, closeup, night
Doc Faye Dunaway Movie 1971 Awake, protesting, good lighting
Doctor Who - Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.      UK Roberta Tovey Movie 1966 red skirt
Doctor Who      UK Carole Ann Ford TV   "The Edge of Destruction"
(1964 - #1.12)

Doctor Who      UK Jacqueline Hill TV   "All Roads Lead to Rome"
(1965 - #2.13)

Doctor Who      UK Elisabeth Sladen TV   "Android Invasion"
(1975 - #13.13, 13.14)

Pink pants
Doctor Who      UK Louise Jameson TV   "The Sun Makers"
(1977 - #15.13,14,15, and 16)

Amazon Dressed
Doctor Who      UK Nicola Bryant TV   "The Two Doctors"
(1985 - #22.7, 22.8)

KO shorts out/inside
Doctor Who      UK Bonnie Langford TV   "Time and the Rani"
(1987 - #24.1,2,3, and 4)

White pants
Doctor Who      UK Sophie Aldred TV   "Battlefield"
(1989 - #26.1,2,3, and 4)

Dollhouse Leslie Andrews TV   "Echoes"
(2009 - #1.7)
Awake, pleading, slacks, so-so angles
Don't Bother to Knock      UK June Thorburn Movie 1961 (Released in US 1965) Inside bus, K&S, peddlepushers
Don't Give Up the Ship Diane Spencer Movie 1959 Awake, funny, skirt, brief
Dracula 3000
(aka Infinite Darkness)
Erika Eleniak

Leather pants, spank, perfect angles
Dracula vs Frankenstein ?? Movie 1971 Short Skirt Plaid
Dragon Ball Z       Animated Bulma

during the Buu saga
Dragonheart      UK Dina Mayer Film

Dreams Lost, Dreams Found Anne Downie MFTV 1987 skirt, awake, good angles, decent length
Drew Carey Show, The Christa Miller TV !!! wedding dress
Dukes of Hazzard Catherine Bach TV   "Treasure of Soggy Marsh"
(1982 - #5.12)

CO - outside - quick & running
Dukes of Hazzard Catherine Bach TV   "Sky Bandits Over Hazzard"
(1984 - #7.12)
blue jeans - tied up - inside
Dupont Lajoie      France Isabelle Huppert Movie 1975 "Dead", outdoors, daytime, lengthy, violent
Emma Samms
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Early Edition ?? TV   "Romancing the Throne"
(1998 - #2.12)
Eastenders (Soap)      UK Shirley Cheriton TV ca. 1987/88
Ed Julie Bowen TV   "Makeovers"
(2002 - #3.9)

Daylight, jeans, closeup, long
Edward Scissorhands Winona Ryder Movie 1990 Dark,poor form
Eegah Marilyn Manning Movie   1962
El Inocente (The Innocent)      Mexico Silvia Pinal Movie
1956 B&W, drunk, dress
El Manantial (The Spring)      Mexico Adela Noriega TV
? Telanovela (2001) KO (Chloro), long skirt, night, poor angles
Emergency - The Steel Inferno 1) Linda Grey 2) Anne Lockhart MFTV 1978 Both unconscious, slacks - good length, with lifts
Empire des loups, L'
(aka Empire of Wolves)      France
?? Movie 2005 Across shoulders, not a true ots
Enchanted Amy Adams Movie 2007 Limp, tight dress, good length, possible f/f (could be stuntman)
ER Julianna Margulies TV !!! Quick carry by b'friend
Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter Melody Anderson MFTV 1984 Awake, brief, modest swimsuit
Esther and the King Joan Collins (mtlpl) Movie 1960 In crop fields, half OTS - 'NWI'
Estrambotica Anastasia      Venezeula Daniela Navarro TV   Telenovela (2007 - #1.1)
KO (Chloro), tight jeans, lengthy, day, excellent multiangles
Eva encuestrada y Adnan...como si nada!
(aka The Kidnapped Bride)      Mexico
Lina Santos (2x) Movie
1995 First - awake, Second- KO (punch), wedding gown, inside
Evel Knievel Jaime Pressly MFTV   2004
Indoors long skirt
Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain
Jenna Jameson Movie 2003 (Rated: R; gore) Tan shorts, carried by monster
Ex List, The Elizabeth Reaser TV "Climb Every Mountain Biker" (S. 1, Ep. 2) 2008 Summer dress, brief, disappointing views
Excess Baggage Alicia Silverstone (x2) Movie   1997
1st ots: 0.5, 2nd: 2.0
Expect No Mercy Laurie Holden Movie 1995
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Face of Screaming Werewolf ?? & ??
Movie ??
(?) KO
Faerie Tale Theatre Carrie Fisher TV "Thumbelina" - 1984 Sleeping, night clothes, carried by "evil toad", f/f
Falcon Beach Devon Weigel TV Family Portrait modest swimsuit, good angles
Fall Guy, The Heather Thomas TV Strange Bedfellows stockings good angle decent length
Falling for You Jennie Garth MFTV 1995 (Two carries) 1: red gown 2: reverse in track suit
Family Matters Kellie Williams (AA) TV Drinking and Jiving Exc. length, tight pants, angles A+
(aka The Last Horror Picture)
Caroline Munro ^ Movie 1982 KO (chloro), evening gown, mostly rear view, away from camera
Fanglys, The Natalie Jones Movie 2004 Jeans, excellent angle
Fantasticks, The ?? Movie 2000 Carnival attire
Fantasy Island Victoria Principal MFTV When Dreams Become Nightmares Bluejeans top and bottom
Far and Away Nicole Kidman Movie 1992 Bad camera work
Farscape      Australia Gigi Edgley TV Look at the Princess (pt2) Tight Body Suit
Farscape      Australia Gigi Edgley TV "Taking the Stone" KO(?), tight leather slacks, fireman's carry
Fear Alyssa Milano Movie 1996 Thong, slap, perfect angle
Federico Fellini's 8 1/2      Italy Maria Antonietta Beluzzi Movie 1963 Awake, brief, Ancient Greek gown
Feminist and the Fuzz, The (muliples) 1) Barbara Eden 2) ?? MFTV Movie 1971 Bikini, fireman's carry 2) Bikinis, brief (all conscious and protesting)
Firehouse (mulitple, x3)
Movie ??
(?) ??
First Daughter Katie Holmes Movie 2004 night- shorts - drunk - multi-angles
First Time Again Melanie Gray Lewis
~ Indy-undistributed movie lift - length - leggy - drunk
Five Across the Eyes Jennifer Barnett(?) Movie 2006 Awake, jeans, f/f
Five Corners JodieFoster Movie 1987 KO, skirt, daylight
Five Million Years to Earth ?? Movie ??
(?) KO
Flame of New Orleans, The Marlene Dietrich Movie 1941 Removed by sea captain
Flare-Up Raquel Welch Movie ??
(?) ??
Flash Gordon Anna van Hooft TV Pilot (2007) Short red dress, quick, f/f
Flash Gordon Karen Cliche TV (Pride S0103 - 2007) Awake, slacks, brief, poor light
Flash Gordon Karen Cliche TV The Sorrow (2007) Awake, tight slacks, front and side view
Flesh Merchant , The (multiple)
?? & ?? & ?? Movie 1993 2/3 leggy
Fool For Love Kim Bassinger Movie 1985
For Love or Money Gabrielle Anwar Movie 1993 tight dress, daylight, good angle
Force 10 From Navarone Barbara Bach Movie 1978 Blanket
Forced to Kill Kari Whitman Movie   1993
Panties, daylight, closeup
Forces Of Nature Sandra Bullock Movie 1999 Too quick
Four Rode Out Sue Lyon Movie 1971 KO, long white dress, day
Frailty ?? Movie 2001 Dark and covered
Fraiser Carlene Watkins TV   "Liar! Liar!"
(1997 - #4.10)

Awake, poor form, black lingerie
Fraiser Jane Leeves TV   "Something Borrowed, Something Blue"
(2000 - #7.23)

Dark slacks, far shoulder
Freddy vs. Jason Monica Keena Movie 2003 (R) Jeans at night
Freeway Reese Witherspoon Movie   1996
Red skirt?
French Line, The Jane Russell Movie 1954 Long, awake and kicking
Friday the 13th      Canada Louise Robey (multiple times) TV The Pirate's Promise (1988) - Several others KO, night, long dress
Friday The 13th Gwendolyn Pacey TV Vanities Mirror Prom Dress..
Fried Green Tomatoes Mary Stuart Masterson
Mary Louise Parker
Movie   1991
Shorts, bad angle
Frighteners, The Trini Alvarado
Elizabeth Hawthorne
Movie   1996
Lift from bed in pj; awake
KO in green skirt
Frozen Assets Shelley Long Movie 1992 Drunk, long dress, close up
Fugitive, The Jessica Walter TV The White Knight (1966) Skirt, rear and front view
Full House Andrea Barber TV   Under the Influence
(1994 - #8.10)

Drunk, red jeans, good angle
Fullmetal Alchemist      Animated

~ Episode 42
stunned by Scar, carried by Gluttony
Further Adventures of
Tennessee Buck, The
Kathy Shower
Movie   1988
Topless dancing girl
Jungle shorts, poor angle
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G.I. Joe       Female Strato Viper

hurt leg and needs to be saved
G.I. Joe       Animated Lady Jaye
Skeletons in the Closest
G.I. Joe      Animated Random Girl
DiC episode, GI Joe and Cobra team up to take
down an evil Drug lord
G.I. Joe      Animated Scarlett
(dealt with emotion control)
G vs. E Susie Park TV Gee Your Hair Smells Evil (1.4) (1999) Stockings
Ganked Kennedy Ross Movie 2005 KO-Dart,poor form, limp
Generation Game, The      UK Sally Meen TV 1996 -  Gameshow naval uniform twice in five minutes
Genghis Khan Francoise Dorleac Movie 1965 in blanket, kicking, 8-10scnds
George Of The Jungle (x2) Leslie Mann Movie 1997
(?) KO
George Of The Jungle 2 Julie Benz Movie (V)   2003

Slacks, KO (blow), good lighting
Get Smart Barbara Feldon TV   Apes of Rath (1969 - #5.10)
Nightgown, faint, decent length
Get Smart ? TV (1969?) Don Adams carries an unconscious blonde in a raincoat who had been shot and wounded
Ghost in the Invisible Bikini Deborah Walley Movie   1966
Gown, weak angles
Ghoulies IV Raquel Krelle Movie   1994
Shorts, side angle, lift
Giant From the Unknown Sally Fraser Movie   1958
Slacks and blouse
Gilligan's Island Tina Louise TV   Our Vines have Tender Apes
(1967 - #3.20)

Gilmore Girls ?? TV ??
(?) ??
Girl From U.N.C.L.E, The Stefanie Powers TV   The Dog Gone Affair Brown slacks
Girl From U.N.C.L.E., The Stefanie Powers TV   The Fountain of Youth Affair
(1967 - #1.20)

White top and tights
Gobots: Rocklords Movie      Animated Smallfoot

Going Down ?? (x2) Movie   2003 Jeans and sweatshirt 
Gold of the Amazon Women (x3)
(aka Amazon Women)
Amazon outfits
Golden Shot      UK Anne Aston TV
1970's mini skirt.
Goliat contro i giganti (Goliath and the Giants)      Italy Gloria Milland Movie 1961 Night, protesting, brief
Goliath Waits Emma Sams MFTV 1981 Awake, dress, fair angles
Gorilla at Large Anne Bancroft Movie 1954 fishnets closeup
Graveyard, The Lindsay Ballew Movie (V) 2006 (R) KO, jeans, night, drugged brunette, near the end
Great Adventure, The (NS) Judee Morton TV Kentucky's Blood Ground (#1.23) 1963 Revolutionary era dress, protesting, brief
Gridlock'd      UK Thandie Newton (Black) Movie 1997 Awake, shorts, K & S
Grifters, The Annette Benning Movie 1990
Nude, awake, laughing, lift
Growing Pains Chelsea Noble TV Episode: "The Call of the Wild" (1992) (S. 7, Ep. #14)
Awake, protesting, indoors, boots
Guiding Light, The Maeve Kinkead TV Masquerade - Part 21
Long white gown, K&S, inside, good length
Gunsmoke Sharon Acker TV Trafton (1971) Day, KO, long dress
Gunsmoke Karen Grassle TV   The Wiving
(1974 - #20.6)

Gown, multiangles, dark
Guys and Dolls Jean Simmons Movie 1955 Conservative suit, awake
Gypsy Angels Vanna White Movie 1980 yellow pants
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H.O.T.S Lindsay Bloom Movie 1979 (R) Red short shorts tee shirt - dark
Halloween Resurrection ?? Movie 2002
burning bldng, jeans
Hamburg Transit      Germany ?? TV
"Ingrid Capelle" in Black Slacks bound and gagged...
Hamiltons Rebekah Hoyle Movie 2006
KO, jeans, dark
Hangin' With Mr. Cooper Holly Robinson (AA) TV !!! Rescue from fire
Hangin' With Mr. Cooper ?? TV ??
Happiest Millionaire, The Lesley Ann Warren Movie 1967
Awake. lift, 1917 clothes, stiff form
Have Gun, Will Travel Gail Kobe TV ca. 1959 Brief & Pouting
Hard Country Kim Basinger Movie 1981
Hart To Hart Stephanie Powers TV You Made Me Kill You (1979) KO (blow), pantsuit, lift
Hart To Hart Stephanie Powers TV Murder Wrap (1981) KO (drugged), slacks, night, poor angle
Haute Tension      France Maiwenn Le Besco Movie 2003 Poor lighting, poor angles, B & G
Haunting Passion, The Jane Seymour MFTV 1983 Laughing, jeans, brief
Hawaii Five-O Alba Francesca TV Episode: "Love Thy Neighbor. Take His Wife" (1976)
KO (chloro), short skirt, daylight, several angles
Hawmps ? (Uncredited) Movie 1976 Saloon girl, K&S
Hazard Paulette Goddard Movie 1948 Wears white blouse and skirt. Carried OTS twice - 1st - KO 2nd - Faint
He-man: Masters of the Universe(OS)      Animated Songstress girl

Carried by Trapjaw
He-man (New Series)      Animated
Snake Man season Carried by Stretchy neck guy
Head Above Water Cameron Diaz Movie 1996
White pants, daylight, tied up
Hearts and Armour
(aka Paladini - storia d'armi e d'amori, I)      Italy
? Movie   1983
Short dress, upskirt
Hello Again Shelley Long Movie 1987 Skirt, stockings, amused - a bit distant
Hell's Gate (aka.Bad Karma) Amy Locane Movie   2002
Skirt - quick - daylight
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Cory Everson TV   Ares (1995 - #1.5) Woman warrior outfit - struggling
Hercules: Legendary Journeys Jacquline Collen TV   As Darkness Falls
(1995 - #1.6)

Dress K&S out/inside limp -2 carries
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Lucy Lawless TV   Stranger in a Strange World
(1997 - #4.5)

Black dress - inside
Here Come the Brides Susan Tolsky TV Wives for Wakendo (1969) Native American dress, night, awake, protesting
Hero Geena Davis Movie 1992 Lousy and dark
Hero, The Mariette Hartley TV A Night to Remember to Forget (1966) Evening gown, laughing
Heroes Kristin Bell TV Cautionary Tales (#209-2007) KO, tight slacks, inside, brief
Herostratus      UK Helen Mirren Movie 1967 Awake, brief, sexy dancehall girl type outfit
Hidden Assassin (aka The Shooter) Maruschka Detmers Movie   1995
Black pants
Hidden Obsession Heather Thomas Movie   1993
Tight jeans, bound, closeup, quick
Hideaway Alicia Silverstone
Christine Lahti
Movie 1995 Night, poor form, dark pants
good form, approach, jeans
Hider in the House Mimi Rogers Movie 1989 Awake, nightdress, protesting
High Chapparal, The Kathryn Hays TV Tornado Frances Western skirt - K&S, protesting
High Tension ?? Movie 2003 >(import - France) Brunette, B&G, "killed later"
Higher Learning ?? Movie 1995
Highlander Fay Masterson TV Beast Below Screams - jeans - inside tunnel
Hill Street Blues Black actress (not Ann-Marie Johnson) TV Bangladesh Slowly (1984) Tight skirt, rear view
Hi-Lo Country ?? Movie ??
(?) ??
His Majesty O'Keefe Tessa Prendergast Movie 1954
Awake, screaming, night, skimpy South Seas outfit
Hodet Over Vannet      Norway Lene Elise Bergum Movie   1993
Tied-up, shorts in/outside
Hollywood Flies      Canada Bianca Guaccero MFTV 2004 KO (chloro), day, black slacks, brief
Hollywood Wives: The New Generation (2003) Pascale Hutton MFTV 2003 KO (Chloro), jeans, night
Home And Away      Australia Kate Bell TV #1.4822 (2009) Awake, jeans, B & G
Honey I Shrunk the Kids Heather Lea McCallum TV "Honey, I Shrunk the Science Dude" (1997) KO, woman's skirt suit, good length, multi-angles
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Hillary Tuck TV Honey, Like Father, Like Son Jeans
Hooch Erika Fox (x2) Movie 1977 Bound, gagged, mphing, shorts
Hooded Angels      UK ?? Film 2003(R) U.S.title; Glory Glory quick carry, 5 sec. civil war attire
Hooper Christa Linder Movie 1978 Blanket
Hot Blooded Kari Wuhrer Movie 1997 (Red Blooded American Girl) Leather pants and top
Hot Potato ? Movie   1976
Playful, long shot
House of the Dead ?? Movie 2003 Mini-skirt, obscured
House of Wax Elisha Cuthbert Movie 2005 Oobscured, bad angle
House Party ?? Movie ?? (?) Not sure which 'House Party'; drunk, wearing jeans
How to Murder Your Wife Verna Lisi Movie   1965
White Dress
Howling II, The Annie McEnroe Movie 1985 (R) Decent length, bit dark
Hudson Hawk Andie McDowell Movie 1991 Dress, drugged, ok length, -angle
Human Nature      Canada ?? Movie   2004 Nighttime, no good angle 
Hunchback Patsy Ann Miller Movie ??
(?) KO
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Maureen O'Hara Movie 1939 Gypsy costume
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Gina Lollobrigida Movie 1956 (aka Notre Dame de Paris )
Gypsy costume
Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney)       Animated Esmeralda Movie

Hunchback of Notre Dame      UK Lesley-Anne Downe MFTV
Peasant girl, kicking
Hunchback Of  Notre Dame Salma Hayek MFTV 1997 (aka The Hunchback) Fainted, gypsy costume
Hunger, The Doris Milmore ^ (Not 100% certain) TV Plain Brown Envelope (1998) KO, jeans, dark, several angles
Hunter Stepfanie Kramer TV Night of the Dragons Blue Pants Suit
Hyakuju sentai Gaorenjaa      Japan Rei Saito ^ TV Episode: Fujo Torawaru (2001) KO, red super-hero suit, carried by frog-man
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I Am Omega Jennifer Lee Wiggins (Asian-American) Movie (V) 2007 Awake, dark, several angles, wide pants
I Could Never Have Sex With Any Man Who Has So Little Regard For My Husband Lynne Lipton Movie 1973 Awake, laughing, bikini
I Dream of Jeannie Barbara Eden TV   Solid Gold Jeannie
(1970 - #5.17)

Golden suit, close up
I Dream of Jeanie Janis Hansen (x2)
Elaine Giftos
TV   The Matchmakers
>(usually not show in broadcast)
In restaurant; dress
drugged, out to car
I Dream of Jeanie Damian Bodie TV   Eternally Yours, Jeannie (1970) KO, mini-dress, boots, inside
I Spy Leslie Uggams (AA) TV Tonia (1965)
KO, rear view, dress
I Spy Anna Brazou TV The Beautiful Children (1967)
Night, KO (blow), jeans
I Love Lucy Lucille Ball TV Desert Island (1956) Peddlepushers , K&S, punching
Il Cobra      Italy Anita Ekberg Movie 1967 KO (chloro), nightgown, brief
Il Mio Amico Jeckyl (My Friend Jeckyl)
Helene Chanel (2X) Movie 1960 B&W, dress, first protesting, second KO
Immortalizer, The Melody Patterson
Clarice Lindsay
Movie 1991 (R) Denim skirt, faints, leggy
In the Company of Darkness Helen Hunt MFTV   1993
In The House >?? (AA) TV !!! Passed out, decent angle
In the Mouth of Darkness ?? Movie ?? (?) KO
In the Mouth ofMadness Julie Carmen Movie 1994 KO, brief, slacks, night
Incredible Hulk Returns, The Lee Purcell (x2) MFTV   1988

Dart, closeup, 2 carries
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Alison Doody Movie   1989
Skirt, lift, good angle, torchlight
Inferno 2 (x2) Tonya
TV MTV show season finale Wideshot, daylight, blacksuit
closeup, shorts, spun from camera
Inspector Max      Portugal Carla Salguiera TV Episode: Ponto Final (2004) KO (Choloro), bridal gown, lift
Instant Justics Tawny Kitaen Movie 1986 Mini-skirt, stockings, awake, daylighta
Intelligence      Canada Camille Sullivan TV A Man and a Woman Betrayed (2007) Awake, K & S, short skirt, inside
Intent to Kill ?? Movie 1993 (V) Awake, kicking, yelling, 30 scnd.
Irreconcilable Differences Shelley Long Movie 1984 robed, quick, into pool
Isle of the Damned Michelle Sheilds Movie (V) 2008 KO, ankle-length dress, lengthy. Warning: Watching entire movie will cause brain damage.
It Happened One Night Claudette Colbert Movie 1934 Skirt
It Takes a Thief Suzie Parker TV   1968 - When Boy Meets Girl
Lengthy - several angles - wearing black party dress - KO (chloro and needle)
It Takes a Thief Michelle Cochran TV   The King of Thieves (1968) KO(punch), dress, daylight - Marino Mase does the carrying
It Takes a Thief Brenda Benet TV   "A Matter of Royal Larceny"
(1968 - #1.15)
KO (drunk), yellow dress in caps, decent length
It Takes a Thief Madlyn Rhue TV   One Night in Soledad Faint, evening gown, night, lift
Its A Knockout      UK ?? TV 1975 - Gameshow scoregirl
It's About Time Mary Grace TV !!! Cave girl outfit
It'$ Only Money Joan O'Brien Movie 1963 Awake, K & S, skirt, side and rear view, 6-7 seconds
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Jack and Mike Shelley Hack TV 1Pilot (1986) Awake, suit-skirt, stiff
Jailbait ?? Movie ?? (?) KO
Jake Speed Rebecca Ashley Movie   1986
Silk Robe
Jan Euy Jan Jo      Thailand Sririta Jensen (Danish-Thai) TV ? Soap Opera (2004) Awake, B & G, mphing, slacks, lengthy, several angles
Jem and the Holograms      Animated Kimber
~Something in Hawaii
Jem & The Holograms      Animated White and Green haired Misfits

by bigfoot
Jericho Erin Daniels TV One if by Land (S01/20 - 2007) Night, unconscious, jeans, heavy jacket
Josie and the Pussycats ?? TV ?? (?) Awake
Jumanji Bonnie Hunt Movie 1995 Wide shot poor angle NWI
Jupiter's Darling Esther Williams Movie 1955 B & G, long Roman dress, night
Jurassic Women ?? MFTV   1996 Brief; jungle-wear 
Just in Time ?? Movie ?? (?)
Justice League      Animated Hawkgirl TV   Twilight of the Gods (pt I)
(2003 - #2.27)

Justice League      Animated Wonder Woman TV   Twilight of the Gods (pt II)
(2003 - #2.28)
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Kandyland Kim Evenson Movie   1987 Awake, struggling, pink dress 
Kasauti      India Hema Malini (x2) Movie 1974 Indian sari, multi-angles, 1) Awake 2) KO
Keen Eddie (NS) ?? TV   "Eddie Loves Baseball"
(2003 - #1.4)

Wrapped in sheet
Keeper, The Asia Argento Movie   2004
KO - outside - multiangles
Kelly Twyla-Dawn Vokins Movie   1981
Blue Jeans
Kill or Be Killed Charlotte Michelle Movie 1980 Jeans
Kill Me Again Joanne Whalley Kilmer Movie 1989 Wrapped in sheet, awake, dark
Kill Slade Lisa Brady Movie 1989 White Blouse Tan Skirt
Killer in the Woods
Indy-Movie 2005
red shorts, perfect angle, length?
Kim Possible      Animated Kim Possible
Wonder Weasal Episode
King of Queens Leah Remini TV   "Lush Life"
(2002 - #4.20)

Out/inside poor light poor form
King Soloman's Mines Sharon Stone Movie 1985 wrapped in a rug
King's Pirate, The Mary Ann Mobley Movie 1976 Harem costume, spanked
Kiss the Girls Ashley Judd Movie 1997 quick
Kissing a Fool Mili Avital Movie 1998 leggy, limp, good angle
Kissing Cousins (Dbl) Cynthia Pepper
Yvonne Craig
Movie 1964 Double-ots - good angle
both in jeans, close up
Knight Rider Daphne Ashbrook TV Knight in Shining Armor dress kicking day
Knight Rider Robin Dearden TV   Give Me Liberty... or Give Me Death
(1983 - #1.14)

Tied, desert, daylight, quick
Knight Rider Patricia MacPherson TV Knight of the Drones (pt-2) (s3x01) Slacks, underground
Knight Rider ?? TV !!!>unknown - caps: 1x1 From a bar
Knots Landing Michelle Phillips TV Episode: ? Awake, slacks, poor form
Knots Landing Stepfanie Kramer TV Episode: "Secrets" (S. 3, EP. 7) (1981) KO (drunk), lengthy, several angles
Kremlin Letter, The Bibi Anderson Movie   1970
Short skirt & boots
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues ?? TV Quake! KO - rescue - tight slacks
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Nadine Van Der Velde TV Sing Wah (1994: 2-20) KO (fainted), slacks, multiple angles
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L.A. Goddess Wendy McDonald Movie 1993 Short skirt, from bar, nice
La Femme Nikita Peta Wilson TV A View From The Garden (pt. 2) Black leather, poor light /angles
La Femme Nikita Peta Wilson TV War From table; placed in jail cell. Fast!
La Femme Nikita ?? TV !!! oriental scientist?
La Maitresse (The Mistress)      France Catherine Begin Movie 1973 Black leather, awake, brief, front and rear views
La Nuova Squadra      Italy Irene Ferri TV 2000 - Ep. 21 - "Fino in Fondo" KO, jeans, front view, brief
Lady Blue Terry Ferman (AA> TV Beasts of Prey (1985) Jeans, K&S, inside
Lakorn      Thailand Alecta Laisuthruklai Movie 2004 Awake, B & G, "mmphing", jeans, several angles, good length
Land Unknown, The Shawn Smith Movie 1957 shorts
Last Action Hero Bridgette Wilson Movie 1993 Robed, obscured, NWI
Last Exit to Earth Amy Hathaway MFTV 1996 KO & awake, K &S; 4 segments, lift
Last Hard Men, The Barara Hershey Movie 1976 Awake, Western garb, covered by blanket, brief
Last Holiday Queen Latifah (AA) Movie 2006 KO, slacks, big woman
Last House on the Left Sandra Cassel Movie   1972
Maroon top brown slacks, bound
Last Tango in Paris Maria Schneider Movie 1973 nude
Laverne and Shirley Shirley TV ?? (?) awake
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Allison Siko TV   "Swing" - (2008 - #10.8) KO (Drug OD), underwear, brief
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Betsy Beutler TV   "Demons"
(2005 - #7.1)

Jeans, tied up
Le Declic      France Florence Guerin (AKA Florence Nicolas) Movie 1985 Nude, KO, decent length
Le Sauvage      France Catherine Deneuve Movie 1975 Awake, K & S, dress, fireman's carry
League of their Own, A Lori Petty Movie 1992 skirt, K&S, two angles
Lightspeed Nicole Eggert MFTV 2006 Brief
Little Big Man Kelly Jean Peters Movie 1970 Western dress, K&S, poor form
Little Dragons, The (aka Karate Kids) Sally Boyden Movie   1980
Multiple:-angles -carries -light, tied up
Little Shop of Horrors Meri Welles Movie 1960 streetwalker attire
Littlest Hobo, The      Canada Megan Fellows TV   "Spirit Of Thunder Rock"
(1982 - #4.7,8, and 9)

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Teri Hatcher TV   "Ordinary People" syringe - carry
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Teri Hatcher TV   "I've Got a Crush on You"
(1993 - #1.6)

Glitter gown to dumpster outside
Lois & Clark Teri Hatcher TV !!!>unknown - caps: 3x1 jeans coat outside wide shot
Lolly-Madonna XXX Season Hubley Movie 1973 blue skirt, panties, fast scene, beginning
London Burning ?? Movie ?? (?) KO
Long Ships, The      UK Beba Loncar Film 1964 Wrapped in a fir blanket
Looney Tunes: Back in Action Jenna Elfman Movie 2003 (DVD - Deleted Scenes) Stockings - limp - outside - length
Lost Evangeline Lilly TV Sx02 finale fireman's carry (2nd hour)
Lost World, The Jennifer O'Dell TV   !!!
Daylight - angles obscure
Love and a .45 Renee Zellweger Movie 1994 Daylight, CO, running, wideshot
Love and a Bullet ??(AA) & ?? Movie   2002 1st is brief, 2nd obscured 
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Maciste contro i cacciatori di teste (AKA Colossus and the Headhunters)      Italy Laura Brown Movie 1960 K & S, brief, very short ancient dress
MadTV Mo Collins TV (A Dolemite "in-Space" skit) Tight pants, at camera
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Helen Baden Movie 1985 Cave Girl costume quick
Magnificent Seven, The Rosenda Monteros Movie   1960
Dressed as a boy
Magnum, P.I. Jana Linden (?) TV "The Return of Luther Gillis (4:16 - 1984) Awake, fighting, hooker outfit
Macgruder & Loud Kathryn Harrald TV Odds Favor Death (1985) Slacks, laughing, brief (included in opening montage of every episode)
Malliswari      India Katrina Kaif Movie 2004 Tight slacks, good angles, daylight, awake - Similar to scene in "It Happened One Night" (US, 1934)
Man About Town Rebecca Romijn Movie   2006
Black slacks, laughing
Man Called Dagger, A Sue Anne Langdon Movie 1968 white skirt, blouse
Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Jill Ireland TV The Giuco Piano Affair (1964) Faint, skirt, lift, rear view
Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Lynn Loring TV The Test Tube Killer Affair (1967) Mini-skirt, stockings, struggling
Man From the Diner's Club, The Cara Williams (2x) Movie 1963 Awake, party dress, second better than first
Man of La Mancha Sophia Loren Movie 1972 Peasant Dress
Man-Thing Rachael Taylor (II)
MFTV 2005 Daylight jeans good to poor angle
Mangler Reborn, The ??
Movie 2005 wrapped
tight jeans, good angles, slight K.O.
Manhunter Catherine Domais Movie ?? (?)
Marine, The Kelly Carlson Movie   2006
Daylight, jeans, KO'ed, bound, multiangles
Married People, Single Sex Beverly Lynne Movie 1996 Awake, brief, jeans
Married With Children Mary Page Keller TV It's a Bundyful Life, Part I (1989) Laughing, skirt, leggy, inside
Married With Children (2 episodes) Katie Sagal TV ?? (1989) Both times awake, tight pants
Marrying Man, The Kim Basinger Movie 1991 Red/pink silky dress
Marshall Law Kristy Swanson MFTV 1996
Martial Law Kelly Hu TV The Thrill is Gone Dark suit, poor angle, too quick
Mask of Fu Manchu, The Karen Morley Movie 1932 KO, long white gown, lift, distant
Masters of Horror (Showtime) ?? TV 2005 (Season1x03) White dress, dark setting
Matlock Nancy Stafford TV The Abduction One piece suit
Matt Houston Cassandra Monsour TV The Outsider nightgown
McLintock Yvonne DeCarlo Movie 1963 Drunk, nightgown, carried by stuntman diguised as woman
McCloud ?? Movie ?? (?) KO
McGee and the Lady Sally Kellerman MFTV/td> 1987 Several scenes, awake, long dress
McHale's Navy Joyce Bulifant TV   "Today I Am a Man"
(1963 - #2.7)

Awake, faking unconciousness
Meanest Gal In Town
Movie ?? (?)
Medium Lily Rabe TV Episode : Wicked Game Part I (S. 4, ep. 9 -2008) Feigning death, dress, dark, poor form
Melrose Place Heather Locklear TV !!! Quick
Men In Black Linda Fiorentino Movie   1997
Half-ots, poor angle, NWI
Mercy Taylor Schilling TV "Some of Us Have Been to the Desert" - Episode #1 - 109 (2009) Awake, slacks, rear and front view, starts with arm carry
Method and Red (NS) ?? (AA) TV !!! Quick and in background
Midnight Cop (aca Killing Blue)
Morgan Fairchild Movie
Awake; 6-7 seconds; Red knickers
Midnight Run for Your Life Melora Walters (2X) MFTV 1994 1) Awake, print dress, brief; 2) Awake, wrapped in blanket
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Amy Jo Johnson TV Beauty and the Beast (#2.16) 1994 KO, dress, day, poor form
Mile High      UK Naomi Ryan (Black) TV ? (2nd Season: 2004-05) Awake, squealing, red dress, several angles
Mission Impossible (II) Paula Kelly (AA) TV Bayou (1989) Night, tight leather pants, decent angle, KO
Mod Squad ?? TV? ?? (?) Was wrong about the movie
Modesty Blaise      UK Monica Vitti Movie 1966 Protesting, short robe, away from camera
Monk Erica Yoder TV Mr. Monk Goes Back to School Poor angles
Monk Traylor Howard TV Mr. Monk Paints His Masterpiece (2008) Awake, K & S, skirt, daylight, brief
Monster-In-Law Jennifer Lopez Movie 2005 Weak angles, overalls
Moonlighting Sybil Shepard TV Atomic Shakespeare Wedding Dress
Moran of the Lady Letty Dorothy Dalton Movie 1922 KO, heavy rain gear and hat, a bit distant (Notable because Rudolph Valentino is doing the carrying)
Mork and Mindy Pam Dawber TV   "Mindy, Mindy, Mindy"
(1981 - #3.15)

Jeans and drunk
Morning Glory Rachel McAdams Movie 2010 Awake, rear view, pantsuit
Most Dangerous Man Alive Debra Paget Movie ?? (?)Awake
Mothers Are Forever ?? Movie ?? (?) KO
Mr Nice Guy      Hong Kong Miki Lee Movie 1997 Distance, obscured
Muchachitas como tu      Mexico Adriadne Diaz TV
Telenovela (2007) KO (chloro), night, jeans, length, multi-angles
Mujhse Shaadi Karogi      India Shefali Zariwala; unknown (?) Movie 2004 Awake, slacks, double OTS, second brief
Mummy, The Rachel Weisz Movie 1999 wrong angle away from camera
Mummy Lives, The Leslie Hardy Movie 1993 gown in dark
Mummy Returns, The Rachel Weisz Movie 2001 wrong angle away from camera
Murder By the Book Catherine Mary Stewart MFTV 1987 Drugged, ankle-length dress, played for laughs
Murderer's Row Ann Margret Movie   1966
Mini skirt and all panties
Mutant X Victoria Pratt TV A Breed Apart (2001) Black leather pants, coat, KO, brief, so-so angles
Mutant X Victoria Pratt TV Past as Prologue (P. 1-3?) 2002 Dark, wrong angles, NWI
Mutant X Lauren Lee Smith TV Double Vision dark leather, poor lighting, quick
My Demon Lover (x2) Michelle Little Movie 1987 KO & awake (protesting), jeans, coat, several angles, night
My Favorite Spy Ellen Drew Movie   1942

40'S style skirt
My Husband is Missing Sally Struthers MFTV   1978
Jeans, KO, daylight
My Man Godfrey Carol Lombard Movie
1936  (1957?)

My Mother the Spy Jayne Brook Movie 2000 Jeans
My Sassy Girl Elisha Cuthbert (3x) Movie 2008 Drunk all 3x; 1) mini-skirt, lengthy; 2) slacks, brief; 3) dress, brief
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Najica Blitz's Tactics      Animated Lila
First Episode
By Najica
Najica Blitz's Tactics      Animated Humerit girl

Reversed by Lila
Najica Blitz Tactics      Animated President Daughter

Nanny, The Fran Drescher TV A Decent Proposal dress, good angles
Nate and Hayes      New Zealand and USA Jenny Seagrove Movie 1983 Bridal gown, awake, day
National Lampoon's Animal House      UK Mary Louise Weller Film

Natural Born Killers Juliette Lewis Movie 1994 Jeans (Dark Scene)
Nemesis Marjorie Monaghan Movie   1993
Shorts, long chase
Neon City Vanity (AA) Movie 1991 (?) KO, several angles, heavy clothes
Neon Nights      Germany Marie Baeumer MFTV   2000
Pinstripe Suit
Nestor Burma      France
Thiam Aissatou (Black)
Episode: Burma Et La Belle de Paris (1998)
Awake, B & G, short skirt, decent length
Newlyweds - Nick & Jessica
Jessica Simpson
Jessica's 23rd Birthday
loose pants, swat, short scene
Next Friday Lisa Rodriguez Movie   2000
Shorts - LONG scene - enjoys it
Nikki Nikki Cox/td> TV Stealing Nikki (2000) Awake, leather shorts, lift
Night at the Golden Eagle ?? Movie 2002 shorts; character is deceased, long!
Night Court Markie Post TV Ladies Night (s05) Drunk from table by Harry
Night Court Markie Post TV From Snoop to Nuts (pt1)
Indoors stockings
Night Court Markie Post TV The Mugger (s03)
Mugged in skirt & stockings quick
Night Court Ellen Foley TV ?? (?) Drunk from a table, by Harry.
Night Court ?? TV !!! Bimbo by Fielding dress limp
Night Court Dinah Manoff TV The Nun (1984, Episode: 2.1) Pass out, lift, skirt, several angles, lengthy
Night Fever      UK (multiple) TV

Night Has Eyes, The      UK Joyce Howard Movie 1942 KO (offscreen blow), skirt, night, decent length
Night It Came To Earth, The ?? Movie ?? (?) ??
Night Man, The Jayne Heitmeyer TV Episode: #2.9, "Ring of Fire" ^ (1999) KO, slacks, fireman's carry, rear view
Night Stalker(newer one) ?? Movie ?? (?) KO
Night Train To Murder      UK Lysette Anthony Film Morecambe & Wise's 1920's dress
Ninja Mission Hana Polo (x2) Movie ?? (?) ??
No Place Like Home      UK ??& ?? TV 1980s Mother and daughter carried up stairs,
both OTS, within a space of a few seconds
Noah's Ark Sydney Tamiia Poitier (AA) MFTV   1999
Era dress
Nora Roberts' Sanctuary Melissa Gilbert MFTV 2001 Awake, dark, jeans, brief
North Dallas Forty Debbie Turner Movie 1979 Background, slacks, protesting
Nymphoid Barbarian and Dinosaur from Hell, A Linda Corwin Movie   1991
(?) KO
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Oblivion 2 Musetta Vander> Movie ?? (?) KO
O.C., The Rachel Bliss
Mischa Barton
TV Season 3 - 1st episode Wrapped in blanket
Octopussy Maud Adams Movie   1983
Offspring Loreen Kaltsas Movie 2009 KO, shorts, night
Okkadu      India Bhoomika Chawla Movie 2003 KO, Indian sari, nice angles
Old Dracula Jennie Linden Movie 1974 Shorts
Once a Thief      Canada Sandrine Holt TV   Mac Daddy
(1997 - #1.5)
Jeans, closeup
Once a Thief      Canada ?? TV   ??
Purple stockings, wide angle
Once a Thief      Canada Brooke Leslie TV   Wand Dang Doodle
(1997 - #1.6)
Blue jeans
One Life to Live Renee Goldsberry (AA) TV Soap opera - "Crave" - 2006 Awake, K & S, slacks, brief, great form
One Million Years B.C. Martine Beswick
Raquel Welch
Movie   1966

Brunette cave-girl, wide angle
loincloth, quick, ok view
The Opposite Sex and
How to Live with Them
Courteney Cox Movie 1993 ~ Wrapped in towel
Outsider, The (Gangster's World) Bridget Flanery MFTV 1998 Tight brown pants, dark
Over Her Dead Body Maureen Mueller
Movie 1990
Blue lycra like pants, night
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Pacific Blue Boti Ann Bliss TV   Hostile Witness
(1999 - #5.6)

Good angles, closeup
Pajama Game Doris Day Movie 1957 Tight jeans, brief
Pajama Party (multiple) ~6 Movie 1964 6 or 7 in bikinis
Paperhouse      UK Charlotte Burke Film
Badly lit scene  K&S
Party of Five ?? TV (valentine's episode) dark suit, closeup and lengthy
Paul Blart: Mall Cop Natascha Hopkins (AA) Movie   2009 KO, rear view, tight black pants, brief
Peace Killers, The Jess Walton Movie 1971 Awake, K & S, blue jeans, several views
Pecados Ajenos (Distant Sins) Katherine Siachoque TV ? (Telenovela = Spanish language) KO (drugged), dress, indoors, poor form
Penny Gold      UK Francesca Annis Movie 1973 KO (chloro), lingerie, lift
Pepper Dennis
Rebecca Romijn
Pilot 2006
Protesting side angle, too close
Perfect Victims ?? Movie ?? (?) KO
Peter Gunn Tuesday Weld TV ?? (?) upstairs for a spanking?
Perils of Pauline Pamela Austin Movie 1967 Dress (Gorilla)
Persuaders, The      UK Suzanna Leigh TV 1971 - Season 1, unknown episode Awake, K & S, trenchcoat, slacks, brief
Phantom, The Kristy Swanson Movie 1996 tight outfit - ok light - good angle, f/f
Phantom of Hollywood Skye Aubrey MFTV 1974 Blue Dress X 2 carries
Phantom of the Opera      UK Heather Sears Movie 1962 KO, long dress, lengthy
Phenom ? TV 1994 KO (drunk), evening gown, mostly rear angle
Photon: The idiot Adventures      Animated purple haired girl
6th episode around 36 minute mark (no commercials)
Pilot Candidate      Animated Cat girl
Episode 4
Pirate Movie, The Kristy McNichol Movie 1982 ??
Pirates of the Carribean Keira Knightley Movie 2003 pantaloons
Planet of the Apes ?? Movie 1968 Loin cloth, fast, well lit
Planet of the Apes ?? Movie 2001 Poorly lit
Pleasure Drivers, The Steffany Huckaby Movie 2005 F/F, B&G, awake, lengthy
Poison (aka Thy Neighbor's Wife) Peggy Trentini Movie   2001
Wrapped in sheet, f/f - carried by Kari Wuhrer
Police Story Brooke Mills TV The Other Side of the Fence (#3.16 - 1976) Laughing, slinky evening gown, brief
Poltergeist: The Legacy ?? TV   !!!
Brown Pants
Porgy and Bess Dorothy Dandridge (AA) Movie 1959 skirt, daylight, outside, awake
Power Rangers Amy Jo Johnson TV "Mighty Morphin" series drug, lift, leggy, good angle
Power Rangers: Wild Force ?? TV   "Gaoranger" series Carried by monster 
Possessed By the Night Sandahl Bergman Movie 1994 long but mostly dark
Pretender, The Heidi Noelle Lenhart TV   Extreme
(1999 - #4.6)

Black Leather Pants, night
Primeval      UK Laila Rouass TV Dragon Tales (2009) Awake, protesting, jeans, brief
Prince Valiant      Animated Queen Helen

Prison Planet ?? Movie ?? (?) ??
Private Resort Lisa London Movie ?? (?) drunk
Private's Affair, A Barbara Eden Movie 1959 Awake, modest swimsuit, laughing, daytime
Private's Affair, A Terry Moore Movie 1959 Awake, modest swimsuit, laughing, daytime
Professionals, The Claudia Cardinale Movie 1966 Dress, KO, good angle
Profiler ?? TV (episode opening) Poor angles, nighttime
Profiler Amy Benedict TV   Double Vision
(1998 - #3.4)

KO(?), dark, shorts
Programmed to Kill Sandahl Bergman Movie 1987 Fireman's carry, KO, jumpsuit, night
Project A-ko Blue & Grey      Animated lil C-ko

Younger version, by villian
Protocol Goldie Hawn Movie 1984 ??
Protocol Gail Strickland Movie 1984 Business suit, awake
Puppet Masters, The Julie Warner Movie 1994 Tranqed+good angles
PsychoCop 2 (not Julie Strain) Movie   1993 Brief-moderate, party-girl  
Pursuit Kate Normington Movie   1991
Jeans, daylight
Pushing Tin Cate Blanchett Movie 1999 bad angle, tight jeans, quick
Pyromaniac ?? Movie 199? CO - desert daylight - multi-angles
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Quantum Leap Kari Lizer TV How The Tess Was Won jeans out/inside
Quatermass and the Pit (1967)
(>Five Million Years to Earth - US title)
Barbara Shelley Film 1967 Black and Red Checkered skirt,
after KO.
R              Top of Page - # - A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z
Rana: The Legend Of Shadow Lake Julie Wheaton Movie   1975
Carried by monster 
Rat Phink a Boo Boo Carolyn Brandt Movie 1966 >(b&w) Faint, tight pants, carried by gorilla - Warning: watching the entire movie may cause brain damage.
Rawhide Jena Engstrom TV The Child-Woman (1962) Dancehall girl dress, day, awake
Rawhide Elizabeth Montgomery TV Incident at El Crucero (1963) Awake, jeans, protesting
Real Ghostbuster's, The      Animated Peter's Date

Rebalde/Rebel      Mexico Zorida Gomez TV

Black Slacks and Blouse
Recipe for Revenge Kim Huffman MFTV   1998
Blue silk pants, quick
Red Dawn Jennifer Grey Movie 1984 In shade, away from camera
Relic Hunter Lindy Booth TV Myth of the Maze (?) KO, tank top, brief
Remington Steele Stephanie Zimbalist TV Steele Hanging in There (pt1 or 2) Skirt, stockings, awake
Renegade Lisa Stahl TV   Den of Thieves
(1995 - #3.12)

Short dress, leggy, bound, k & s indoors
Renegade Sheree J. Wilson TV   Final Judgment
(1992 - #1.3)
Cuffed - outside - leggy kicking
Renegade ?? TV   The Late Shift
(1994 - #3.9)

Shorts- stocking - nighttime
Renegade ?? TV   Teen Angel
(1994 - #3.11)
Gown, front/rear view, short
Rescue Me Amy Dolenz Movie   1992
White pants, long, multiangles
Return of the Ape Man Judith Gibson Movie 1944 (aca Teala Loring) gown
Return of the Living Dead 3 Melinda Clarke Movie   1993
CO stockings multiangles
Return to Horror High ?? Movie 1987 locker room, partially nude
Ring of Steel Darlene Vogel Movie 1994 outside, decent light, good lift, 10'
Riptide Linda Thompson (Jenner) TV Playing Hardball (1986) Tight dress, front and side view
River of No Return Marylin Monroe Movie 1954 Dance hall girl outfit
Rizzoli & Isles Sasha Alexander TV "A Dirty Little Secret" - S. 3, Ep. 2 - 2012 KO, Night, slacks, modified fireman's
Robin Hood: Men in Tights Amy Yasbeck Movie 1993 gown, poor angle
Rock Monster Natalie Denise Sperl MFTV 2008 KO, B & G, night, front and side views
Romperstomper ?? Movie ?? (?) awake
Route 66 Tammy Grimes TV Come Home Greta Inger Gruenschaffen (1963) Drunk, lengthy
Route 66 Nina Foch TV Where There's a Will There's a Way (1964) Faint, jeans, lift
Run for your Life Diana Hyland TV I Am the Late Diana Hays (1966) stockings, skirt, front view
Running Wild Brooke Nevin MFTV   1998
Closeup jeans
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S Club 7 Hannah Spearitt TV The Blue Chevvy shorts - daylight - K&S - f/f
Sabrina Audrey Hepburn Movie   1954
Sabrina The Teenage Witch Melissa Hart TV !!! too quick
Sabse Bada Khiladi      India Mamta Kulkarni Movie 1995 Protesting, Indian sari, several angles
Saga of the Viking Women, The
and Their Voyage to the Waters
of the Great Sea Serpent
?? Movie 1957 lady screams, kicks, thrashes
about wildly
Saint, The      UK Suzanne Lloyd TV   "The Time to Die"
(1968 - #6.7)

Dress and boots, tied up
Saturday Night Live Cheri Oteri TV skit w/ Chris Farley lift, jeans, good angle, bounced
Saturday Night Live Cheri Oteri TV skit w/ Brendan Fraser Jogsuit, lift, spin
Saturday Show      UK Fearne Cotton TV? by US wrestler
Saved by the Bell: Hawaiin Style Lark Voorhies (AA) MFTV 1992 Swimsuit on beach
Saving Silverman Amanda Peet Movie 2001 Gown, limp, night, quick
Scare Tactics Shannen Doherty TV   "Where's Shannen?"
(2003 - #1.2)

Blue jeans, limp, quick good angles
Scarlet Scorpion ?? Movie ?? (?) KO
Schlock Eliza Garrett Movie   1973
Short Dress + Panties
Scream Rose McGowan Movie 1996 Red jog pants
Screwball Academy Christine Lahti Movie 1986 Awake and short length
Screwballs Linda Speciale, ? (Double carry) Movie 1983 Awake, K & S, modest swimwear, brief
Scrubs Sarah Chalke TV S01x?? !!! Obscured, cropped
Scrubs Christa Miller TV My Hero (S01x23) black slacks
Sea Devils      UK Yvonne De Carlo Film 1953 wrapped in blanket
Search Party (E!) "Crazy Tracy" TV Cancun Moderate length, awake & laughing
Search Party (E!) Carol Grow TV South Florida Moderate length, awake &laughing
Search Party (E!) ?? & ?? TV !!! Smiling and awake
Second in Command Julie Cox Movie 2006 One good brief angle
Secret Adv. of Jules Verne, The      UK Francesca Hunt TV The Strange Death of Prof. Marechal dark scene, brown slacks
Secuestro      Mexico Rossana San Juan TV Novela 1995 Awake, jeans, fireman's carry, two scenes
Secuestro Express      Venezeula Mia Maestro Movie 2005 K&S, dress, lift (Don't confuse with 2 other films with same name)
See No Evil Zoe Ventoura Movie 2006 Awake, bound, screaming, dark
Sei Donne Per L'Assassino (Blood and Black Lace - USA)      Italy Lea Lander ^ Movie 1964 KO/"Dead" (?), dress, rear view, m/f
The masked carrier is male actor Goffredo/Jeffrey Unger.
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (multiple) Movie   1954 Kicking and screaming 
Seven Hours To Judgment Julianne Phillips Movie 1988 white dress and white stockings
Seven Samurai, The ?? Movie ?? (?) ??
Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker TV Politically Erect (S03x02 - 2000) Laughing, dark, silk pants
Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker TV Sex and the Country (S04x09) dress, too quick
Sex Puppets ?? Movie !!! Awake& yelling, into pool
Sexo Cannibal Ursula Buchfellner Movie ?? (?) ??
S+H+E (Security Hazards Expert) Cornelia Sharpe Movie 1980 Jumpsuit, awake, f/f
Shanghai Knights Fann Wong Movie 2003 B & G, Chinese clothes, obscured, brief
She Stood Alone: The Tailhook Scandal >(not Gail O' Grady) MFTV   1995
Shorts - perfect angle - drunk
She-Ra Princess of Power      Animated She-ra

Rescued by Bow
She Wolf of London      UK Claudia Bryan TV Season 1, Episode 4 (1990) KO, night, slacks, front and rear views
She's the Man Amanda Bynes Movie 2006 Shorts, lift and twirl, awake, brief
Shelter Island Ally Sheedy Movie 2003 jeans
Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady Morgan Fairchild MFTV   1992
Victorian Dress
Sherlock Holmes and the
case of the Silk Stocking      UK
Jennifer Moule
Perdita Weeks
Film 2004 bound and gagged
chloro'd and tied up, 2 scenes
Shooter, The ?? Movie ?? (?) ??
Silk Stalkings ?? TV   Kill Shot
(1995 - #5.7)

Shorts - limp - daylight
Silverhawks      Animated Steelheart
No more Mr. Nice guy
Silver Spoons Erin Gray TV A Dark and Stormy Night Leotard
Simon & Simon Lisa Eilbacher TV Earth to Stacey (1982) Awake, lift, evening dress, side view

Kerry Washington
Alice Coppola
Movie   2003 Night, jeans, 3-5 seconds
jeans, short 
Sinbad ?? ?? ?? (?) "Survival Run"
Sisters of Death Claudia Jennings Movie   1977 KO, jeans, multi-angles 
Six Million Dollar Man Lynette Mettey TV Target: Steve Austin (1977) KO (gas), jeans, so-so angle, daylight
Sixteen Candles Haviland Morris Movie   1984
Drunk - straight shot
SK Babies
Susann Uplegger TV Toedlicher Verdacht (Ep. 8 - 1996) KO, night, jeans
Slaughterhouse Massacre, The ?? Movie 2005 jeans, awake, NWI
Sledge Hammer! Anne Marie Martin
TV   "Wild About Hammer"
(1987 - #2.4)

Too quick, but good angle, f/f
Sledge Hammer ? Uncredited extra TV Model Dearest
(1988 - #2.14)
Faux Playboy Bunny costume, drugged, brief
Sleepwalkers Madchen Amick Movie   1992
Nightgown - ko, f/f
Sliders Gina Phillips TV   "Desert Storm"
(1996 - #3.6)

Obscured, bad angle
Smallville Kristin Kreuk TV Action (#7.5 - 2007) Awake, bound, jeans, night
SMS, Sin miedo a sonar       Spain Amaia Salamanca TV ? (Telenovela - 2006-2007) Awake, struggling, closeups, schoolgirl outfit (actress is an adult)
Soldier      India Priety Zinta Movie 1998 Short red skirt, boots, awake, brief
Somebody Help Me Alexis Fields Movie (V) 2007 Awake, bound, screaming, dark
Something in the Wind Deanna Durbin Movie 1947 Skirt,bound
Son of the Pink Panther Deborah Farentino Movie 1993 Dress, daylight, good angle
Sorceress Leigh Harris
Lynnette Harris
Movie   1982 Awake laughing, moderate-long 
Sorority Babes and the Creature From Hell ?? & ?? Movie ?? (?) KO
Space 1999      UK Zienia Merton [3.0] TV   Full Circle 2 separate sequences  
Space Hunter Adventures
in the Forbidden Zone
Molly Ringwald Movie 1983 Jeans
Spanish Main, The Maureen O'Hara Movie 1945 Awake, K & S, lift, 18th Century dress
Spider-man and his Amazing Friends      Animated Firestar
Kraven Episode (~2nd episode)
Spiders II Stephanie Niznik Movie 2001 obscured, 2nd looks M/M!!
Spiders II: Breeding Ground Miroslava Bonjeva Movie 2001 Dark, topless, brief
Spin City Heidi Klum TV !!! dress like outfit
Spite Marriage Dorothy Sebastian Movie (silent) 1929 B&W, drunk, dress, different angles, funny
Stanley Samsun Carroll Movie 1972 Shirt & Jeans
Star Hunter      Canada Tanya Allen TV Kate (2003) KO, pants, several angles,length
(aka Luchadores de las estrellas)      Mexico
Gloria Mayo Movie 1992 KO, jeans, night
Stargate SG-1 Claudia Black TV Prometheus Unbound inside space suit quick ok lighting
Star Trek: DS9 ?? TV !!! away from camera, dark
Star Trek: DS9 Terry Farrell TV !!! fireman's carry, too quick
Star Trek: Enterprise Jolene Blalock TV Impulse (S03x05)
Weak angles, poor light, tight suit
Star Trek: Enterprise Donna DuPlantier (AA) TV   "Carpenter Street"
(2003 - #3.11)

Streetwalker attire, KO, night, lengthy
Star Trek: Enterprise Linda Park TV Zero Hour (S03x23) No good angles
Star Trek: TNG Jennifer Hetrick TV Qpid Midieval gown, good angle
Start the Revolution Without Me Helen Fraser Movie 1970 Brief, KO, peasant dress
Stealing Candy Jenya Laverick (Lano) Movie 2002 (R) Silk nightie, covered when carried
Stolen Hearts ?? Movie ?? (?) ??
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, The ?? MFTV 1968 Dance hall / prostitute attire
Street Corner Justice Beverly Leech Movie 1996 Hooker attire, KO, rear view only
Street Fighter - US Series      Animated Cammy

Street Fighter - US Series      Animated Chun-Li

Street Fighter - U.S. Series      Animated Jessica
Final Fight episode
Streets of Fire Diane Lane Movie 1984 K & S, dark, tight pants, modified fireman's
Stunts Fiona Lewis Movie 1977 Drunk; jeans at night
Sturm der Liebe (Love Storm)
Nicola Tiggeler TV Soap opera (2007) KO, dark, slacks, brief
Suddenly Susan Brooke Shields TV   "Susan's Ex"
(1999 - #4.12)

Suddenly Susan Kathy Griffin TV   In This Corner...Susan Keane
(1999 - #3.19,20)
Lift and spin, jeans, screaming
Summer of 42 Jennifer O'Neill Movie 1971 slightly obscured
Superfriends       Animated Jayna

Surfside 6 Sue Anne Langdon TV ?? (?) Sue Anne Langdon appeared in 2 episodes.
"Local Girl" Ep. #1.5 aired Oct. 1960. as Darcy Peyton. 
-- also; "The Bhoyo and the Blonde" Ep # 1.33 5/15/61.
Susan Slept Here Anne Francis Movie   1954 Long, awake, kicking, angles! 
Swingers Anne Margaret Movie ?? (?) Awake
Sword and the Sorcerer, The Kathleen Beller Movie 1982 Towards end of movie
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Take This Job and Shove It >Penelope Milford Movie 1981 Awake, lift and spin, coveralls, brief
Tall Man, The Jennifer Biel Movie 2012 Jeans, awake, night
Tarzan ?? TV !!! Khaki pants, obscured (4x5)
Tarzan and the Lost City Jane March Movie 1998 KO, jodphurs, poor form
Tarzan: Ape Man Bo Derek Movie 1981 Lengthy, long skirt, protesting, several angles
Tarzan's Revenge Eleanor Holm (x2) Movie 1938 1) Shorts 2) Modest swimsuit B&W, several angles, lift
Tattoed Teenage Aline Fighters ?? TV ?? (?) KO
Tears of the Sun Monica Bellucci Movie   2003
Quick, but decent
Teen Agent      UK Gabrielle Anwar Film 1991 aka - If Looks Could Kill  (IMDB) Listing Uncertain
Teen Titans      Animated

Real quick; by Dr. Light
Teen Titans      Animated Starfire
Snowblind Rescue by Redstar
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles      Animated
April O'Neil
New York's Shiniest
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles      Animated April O'Neil
April Foolish
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles      Animated April O'Neil
Berne's Blues(3x's)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles      Animated April O'Neil
Enter the Rat King
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles      Animated April O'Neil
by Muckman
Ten Tall Men Jody Lawrence Movie 1953 3 segments, Harem suit, from tent
Terminal Virus (Future Force) Kehli O'Byrne MFTV   1995
Short skirt, good angle, leggy
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Lena Headey TV Pilot (2008) KO (blow), bluejeans, close-up, brief
Terminator 3 Claire Danes Movie 2003 Dark, poor form, wears coat
Terminator Woman Karen Shepard
Kimberleigh Stark
Ashley Hayden
Movie 1993 Trio carried OTS to car
Terrorists Jennifer St. Clair Movie 2004 Awake, skirt, terrible form, NWI
Teung Rai Kor Ruk      Thailand ? (2x) Movie 2005 Awake, B & G, "mmphing," K & S, lengthy, several angles
That 70's Show Tanya Roberts TV !!! bad angle, obscured
That 70's Show Mila Kunis TV !!! wedding dress
That Girl From U.N.C.L.E Stephanie Powers TV ?? (?) KO
That Touch of Mink Doris Day Movie 1962 Daylight, red dress, good angle
That Was Then, This Is Now Jill Schoelen Movie   1985
Jeans, drunk, night, obscured
Theatre of Blood Diana Rigg Movie 1965 * = Dummy, not actress
There's a Girl in My Soup      UK Goldie Hawn Movie   1970
Panty shot, multiangles
Thin Air Yancey Butler MFTV 2000 Jeans
Thomas Crown Affair, The Rene Russo Movie 1999 Nude, laughing, inside, brief
Three's Company Joyce DeWitt TV   !!!
Boots, stockings, tight long shorts
Threesome Lara Flynn Boyle Movie ?? (?) awake
Thundarr the Barbarian      Animated Ariel

twice known in the series
Thunder and Lightning Kate Jackson Movie   1977
Tight jeans
Thunder in Paradise Felicity Waterman Movie (V) 1993 Awake, shorts, decent length, stiff form
Thunder in Paradise ?? TV !!! daylight  - two carries
Thundercats      Animated Cheetarah

putz factor carried along with Tigra.
Tickle Me Jocelyn Lane Movie ?? (?) awake
Tierra de Pasiones      Mexico Gabriela Spanic TV
Telenovela (2006) KO, B&G, jeans, brief
Time Machine, The Yvette Mimieux Movie 1960 awake
Time Machine, The Samantha Mumba (Black - Zambia/Irish) Movie 2002 Screaming, long dress, carried by monster
Titus ?? TV   ?? (?) Wrestler outfit "dream" sequence?
Tom & Jerry Kids      Animated Miss VavaVooom

Tom Jones      UK Susannah York Movie 1963 Awake, 1700's dress, brief
Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Teri Hatcher TV 09-28-2007 Awake, laughing, white slacks
Too Close to Home Sarah Trigger MFTV 1997 KO (chloro), lengthy OTS to car
Toolbox Murders, The ?? Movie 1978 Shirt and panties
Toolbox Murders, The Angela Bettis Movie 2004 Jeans; killed afterwards
Tooth and Nail Rachel Miner Movie 2007 KO, distant
Totally Spies!       Animated Totally Spies ( Clover, Sam &Alex) TV  

2 Different episodes

Trancers Helen Hunt Movie 1985 Red skirt, wide shot
Transformers Julie White Movie 2009 Awake, high, skirt, multi-views, funny
Transporter, The Qi Shu Movie   2002
Skirt, stiff across shoulders
Trenchcoat Margot Kidder (x2) Movie 1983 1) Skirt, drugged 2) Trenchcoat, slacks, bound
Trial, The Elsa Martinelli Movie   1963 (b&w) 2 scenes, dress 
Trouble Brewing ?? Movie ?? (?) ??
Truck Stop Women Claudia Jennings Movie 1974 Real quick. f/f. Warning: Watching film can cause brain damage
True Grit Kim Darby Movie 1969 Long dress
True Lies Jamie Lee Curtis Movie 1994 lift, skirt, nighttime, ok angle
Tumko na Bhoola paayenge      India Diya Mirza Movie 2002 Awake, day, lift, Indian sari
Tusk      France Cyrielle Clair Movie   1980 KO, slacks, so-so
Twin Peaks Sherilyn Finn TV !!! skirt,lengthy
Twin Peaks >Fire Walk With Me Sheryl Lee Movie 1992 wrapped, NWI
Twisted Fate (Kill Kill Overkill) ?? Movie 1994 panties, spanking, poor form
Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place Traylor Howard TV  "Two Guys, a Girl and Homecoming"
(1998 - #2.4)

Inside limp quick
Two Jakes, The Madeleine Stowe Movie   1990
Short robe
Two Much  (IMDB)
Melanie Griffith Movie 1995 quick in dress bad angle
Two Pints of Lager (And a Packet of Crisps)      UK Sheridan Smith (?) TV Bababababa (Season 7 -2008) Drunk, partially clad, quick
Two Ronnies      UK Leslie Ash TV Raiders Of The Lost Aulk white nightdress
Two Ronnies      UK (multiple; on screen) TV 1985 musical Viking number
Two Weeks Notice Sandra Bullock Movie   2002
Covered, poor angles
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Ultimate Muscle      Animated Roxanne

Und tschluss! - Ballerman ole      Germany Chrissy Schulz MFTV 1998 KO, tight slacks, closeup
Undertaker's Wedding, The Kari Wuhrer Movie 1997 Satin Black Pant Suit
V              Top of Page - # - A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - W - X - Y - Z
V.I.P. Pamela Anderson TV   "Holy Val"
(2001 - #4.3)

Tight pink leather pants
Vampire Circus ?? Movie ?? (?) ??
Vampire Hunter D       Animated Doris Movie
Reversed and a great action scene
Vampires: J. Carpenter Sheryl Lee Movie 1998 night skirt weak struggle
Vampire Journals Kirsten Cerre Movie 1997 KO, long dress, inside, decent length
Vegas Vacation Marisol Nichols Movie 1997 skirt, closeup, dark, quick
Venus-Trap (Venusfille) (German) ?? TV ?? (?) KO
Very Special Favour, A Leslie Caron (x2) Movie 1965
Victor Victoria Lesley Ann Warren Movie 1982 Awake, nightgown, brief
View To a Kill Tonya Roberts Movie ?? (?) awake
Viper Heather Medway TV ?? (?) KO
Vlad (multiple) ?? & ??
Movie   2003 Three scenes 
Volunteers Rita Wilson;(x2) Movie 1985 Long, poor form, obscured
Voodoo Black Exorcist      Spain Eva Leon Movie 1973 KO, bath towel, rear and quick side view
Voyagers! Suzanne Barnes TV Episode: Voyagers of the Titanic (S. 1, Ep. 15 - 1983) Awake, B & G, slacks
W              Top of Page - # - A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z
Walker: Texas Ranger Troy Beyer (AA) TV   "End Run"
(1993 - #2.5)

Jeans - daylight - protesting cuffed
Walker: Texas Ranger Sheree J. Wilson TV   "Swan Song"
(1996 - #5.9)

Daylight - limp - Neanderthal carries
Walker: Texas Ranger Sheree J. Wilson TV   "Survival"
(1998 - #7.7 )
KO -  mountain men - daylight
Walker: Texas Ranger Julia Nickson TV   "Warriors"
(1998 - #6.20 )
Pajamas, KO, front view
Walker: Texas Ranger Peggy Lynn TV   "The Lynn Sisters "
(1999 - #8.6)
KO (chloroform), day, jeans, brief (another carry not a true OTS)
Walking Shadow Christina Moore MFTV 2001 K & S, inside, brief, lift
War at Home, The Anita Barone TV The Snow Job Awake, squealing, jeans, brief
Warlords Dawn Wildsmith Movie 1989 Harem girl attire
Water   Brenda Vaccaro Movie 1985 Starts okay, ends bad, dress 
WaterHole #3 Margaret Blye TV ?? (?) Awake
Weekend of Terror Barbara Barnett MFTV 1970 Awake, mini-skirt, struggling
Whatever it Takes Christine Lakin Movie   2000

Pants, light, closeup
When Dinosaurs Ruled Earth ?? Movie ?? (?) Awake
When Women Had Tails      Italy Senta Berger (x4) Movie   1970 Cave Woman Garb  
White Cargo
(?) ??
Movie ?? (?) (IMDB has 4 listings)  '30, '42, '73, and '96
White China ?? Movie ?? (?) Foreign - unc.
White Lightning Kate Jackson Movie ?? (?) awake (Might be aka "Thunder and Lightning")
White Pongo Maris Wrixon Movie 1945 Blond captured unc. (REVERSE)
White Water Rebels Catherine Bach Movie 1983 (?)
Who's the Boss Judith Light TV   !!! unknown - caps: 5x1
Tight yellow pants, good angles
Who's the Boss Judith Light TV   !!! unknown - caps: 4x1 White pants
Who's the Boss Judith Light TV "First Kiss" (Season 1, Ep. 22) 1985 Drunk, culottes, limp
Who's the Boss Judith Light TV   Four Alarm Tony
(1990 - #7.9)
Awake, protesting, indoors, wide pants, good angles
Why Worry? (Harold Lloyd ) Jobyna Ralston Movie 1923
Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz, The Elke Sommer
Maureen Arthur
Movie   1968 Awake,drunk,30-40 seconds awake, wrapped, kicking, 10 sec. 
Widow's Kiss Beverly D'Angelo Movie ?? (?) Awake
Wild Wild West Suzanne Pleshette TV The Night of the Inferno (1965) Awake, 1870's gown
Wild Wild West Lana Wood TV The Night Of The Firebrand
Wilde Wellen - Nichts bleibt verborgen      Germany Henriette Richter-Röhl TV   Der Verdacht - 2011 KO and awake, long, jeans, day, multi-angles
Wimps ?? Movie   1986 Cheerleader  
Wisegal Alyssa Milano MFTV 2008 Awake, brown pants, OK angles
Wisdom Demi Moore Movie 1986 Awake, long skirt, wounded
Witchcraft VI Stephanie Swinney Movie   1994
Without A Clue      UK Lysette Anthony Film Sherlock Holmes Spoof Victorian costume K&S
Without A Trace Landry Allbright TV   "Maple Street"
(2003 - #1.11)

Jeans; lift and twirl awake
Wonder Woman Linda Ryan TV   Mind Stealers From Outer Space, Part I
(1977 - #2.10)

KO (Her mind has been stolen...)
Woods of Evil Raine Brown
Nicholl Jones
Movie   2005 Unconcious, good length and lighting 
Working Girl Melanie Griffith Movie 1988 dress w/stockings
Wraith, The Sherilyn Fenn Movie 1986 skirt, awake, too quick
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X-Files Gillian Anderson TV !!! wrapped in sheet NWI
X-Files ?? TV Firewalker dark, poor angle
X-Files Gillian Anderson Movie 1998
X-Men Anna Paquin Movie 2000 in a bag NWI
X-men      Animated Jubilee original early 90s series

X-Men (original 90s series)      Animated Jean Grey 

in civilian clothes
X-Men (original 90s series)      Animated Storm
Starjammers episode
X-Men (original 90s series)      Animated Storm
Brood episode by Wolverine
Xena: Warrior Princess Renee O'Connor TV   Pilot (1995 - #1.0) Dress - quick - NWI
Xena: Warrior Princess Renee O'Connor TV   !!! Closeup in gown
Xena: Warrior Princess Renee O'Connor TV   "One Against an Army"
(1998 - #3.13)

Carried by Xena away NWI, f/f
Xena: Warrior Princess Tsianina Joelson TV   "To Helicon and Back"
(2001 - #6.15)

Girl in Amazon Garb...
XX/XY ?? Movie 2002(R) 9-10sec, swatted, down stairs
xXx ?? Movie   2002
Bikini from hot tub
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Yankee Pasha Rhonda Fleming Movie 1954 KO, lift, long dress
Yellow Rose, The Joanna Pettet TV Running Free (1984) Shorts
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Ieri, Oggi, Domani)      Italy Sophia Loren Movie (Italian) 1963 Dress, awake, laughing. The late Marcello Mastroianni, her former real-life lover, is doing the carrying.
Young Billy Young Angie Dickinson Movie 1969 Stockings, showsuit
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The Amanda Ooms TV Barcelona May, 1917 (1992) Awake, tied up, long dress
Yours. Mine and Ours ?? Movie ?? (?) awake
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(AKA Attack of the Swamp Creatures AKA Blood Waters of Dr. Z)
Sanna Ringhaver Movie 1975 Faint, long dress, lengthy, carried by monster, so-so angles
Zwei Girls Vom Roten Stern      Germany Lilli Palmer Movie
1966 Skirt and quick

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(?) = From the 'Unknowns' list.
Needs more data.
AA = African-American (rare find) ACA = Also Credited As... CO = cutoffs
f/f = Female carrying a female KO = k.o.ed (knocked out) K&S = Kicking and Screaming MFTV = Made for TV movie
NS = Not in syndication.  No
NWI = Not Worth It, in my opinion. ~ = Not sure, haven't seen it in ages and it was only one time. A true guess I feel comfortable making. ?? = I don't know and will not guess.
# - There is no clip to my knowledge. Obscured = something/someone in the way, or carried away from camera.
!!!= Info Wanted!  It's time to start filling in the gaps. I want to be as detailed as possible. ^ = Not 100% sure of the title/actress


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